Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mini Vacay Part 2 aka My 27th Birthday

Day number 2 in the Dells just so happened to be my birthday. We woke up and outside of our villa was this super cute baby deer. I guess the Wilderness resort got its name for a reason.

After lounging by the pool all morning Louis and James got a crash course in charcoal grills from the closer (Eric)
Katie made me this super awesome rice krispy treat cake! Then everyone sang to me :)
Before dinner we went on the upper Dells boat tour on the Wisconsin River

We ended the night at Moosejaw for some pizza. Once again I got sang to and enjoyed some free ice cream

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  1. LMAO, for some reason I really love that picture of Louis & James with the moose ears.

    Looks like you had a fun birthday! I'm so glad! <3 you lots!

    Also, your birthday present is on it's way :)