Friday, July 13, 2012

9 months

Today Blake is 9 months old, he officially has been out of my belly as long as he was in there. Goodness lord I was pregnant a long time!!

He is doing so well and getting so big. He is 29.25 inches (although I think he is slightly longer, he didnt want to straighten out at the doctor) and is just under 20 pounds at 19 lbs 15 oz. He is in the 85% for height and 70% for weight.

He has been a lot more clingy towards Louis and I lately, and I secretly love it. It is the best feeling when he comes and stands and wraps his arms around my legs. Although, when I am trying to get ready for work in the morning it does present a challenge.

He has 6 teeth and is not afraid to use them.

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  1. Can't believe he has 3 more teeth since last week. Poor Blake, Jenny & Louis! Happy 9 months.