Friday, July 27, 2012

Starting a Tradition

This week has been going super slow, I compare it to the few days before Christmas when you just want Santa to come! I think the reason that this week has gone so slow is because I am looking forward to the weekend. Last year, the Malic/Kramer/Unti clan decided to take a vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. Katie and I were both pregnant and it was a great way to get some fun and relaxing time together. We have decided that we had so much fun we are going to make it a yearly tradition. This year we now have Blake and Raegan along to experience the fun (oh and Colleen is coming too!). It should be interesting to see all of the crap that is packed in the car for the few day adventure. I will make sure to post pictures and fun of the trip. Everyone cross your fingers Blake doesn't attack Raegan. 

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