Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the winner is...

Secret Option #3.

I know, that wasn't one of the two that I had to vote on so don't feel bad for all of those that voted, I truly liked hearing everyone's opinion. The race was really close but Option #1 became the front runner. When I went to the store and saw the placemat in person, I just wasn't didn't look the same as online. I then looked at Option #2 and again, it just seemed more blah and not screaming "I have style". Then I found this guy.... and its funny because in person it looks great, but the picture doesn't do it justice. The background is grey (woohoo because that is a Jenny fav -- yep I just busted out the third person reference) and then the branches are purple-- so two of the colors I loved from Option #2 wiggled their way into the new inspiration.

I ended up buying two green candles for the glass holders in the dining room and then bought some green and grey rocks for the super cute vase/bowl from Melanie for our kitchen table.

Next step is to continue to use this placemat as inspiration around the rest of our main level (kitchen, dining room and living room)

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  1. That is not cool. Since there was no option three on the original test.