Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Design Scheme

Now that all of the Christmas decorations are put away and we are back to our "regular" decor, I feel like there is something lacking in our dining room/kitchen. The table runner and placemat we have now are very summery (cream, yellow, green, blue, pink stripes) and well, its still snowing outside! Since we still have some money left on our gift card to Crate and Barrel I was hoping to use one of these two placemats as inspiration for the new decor. Currently the wall color in the kitchen is a shade of green and the walls in the dining/living area are tan. I want something that goes along with that color scheme already so I don't have to keep buying cute accesories that I can't mix and match around the house.
Option #1
This poppyseed placemat is cute and fun and has the green accents in it. I also like the splash of red and it doesn't scream a particular season or time of the year
Option #2
What can I say, I am in love with gray. I know that sounds depressing but I am literally drawn to every gray sweater I see-- its kinda a sickness. I really like the blue, purple combo as well in this one. This is a more casual feeling to itOk peeps--- please help me decide! Post your comments!! I plan on going to Crate and Barrel Wednesday night (the hubby needs a SERIOUS haircut so while he gets a haircut I can shop).


  1. Ok so I am totally with you on the grey thing, I was putting away my clothes the other night and realized how much grey I have. so funny! But I have to say #1. I feel like it says hey I'm totally fun but have some killer design taste!