Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coupon Crazy

No, I am not talking about becoming the Krazy Coupon Lady, but for my New Year's Resolution I want to start saving more money. When I think about all the money we spend (mostly at Wal-Mart and going out for dinner/lunch) I get a little upset because I think we can do MUCH better. I am going to attempt to take tips/ideas from the Krazy Coupon Lady in attempt to save the Malic household some serious cash. The main problem that I am going to encounter is that to truly maximize your savings you need to stockpile, and well, I just don't have that type of space in my house. My goal is to start small and try and use coupons on a regular basis and stockpile within reason (i.e. 3 things of toothpaste versus 20). Hopefully I will be able to share my results and progress throughout the year. If anyone has any tips/ideas that work well, please let me know. According to the KCL (Krazy Coupon Lady) toothpaste should always be free-- I am going to put that to the test.

In general though, Louis and I have been fortunate enough to not have to budget every dime we have, which has actually done us a disservice because we have gotten accustomed to that way of life. By no means do we plan to never go out to dinner or not buy name brand toilet paper, but in general I am hoping we can save a lot more.

Wish me luck!


  1. My suggestions:

    Get a Sunday only subscription to your newspaper, that's the day with all the coupons.

    A couple of websites I use are:, & The last one is not free, but right now you can get 2 weeks for $5 which is a pretty good deal.

    Also, I don't know if you have a Meijer by you (I know they're in IL now), but Meijer has a new thing,

    And lastly, I buy certain items at Sam's/Costco because it's WAY cheaper than at the regular grocery stores. And around here, Coke is ALWAYS cheaper at Walmart than anywhere else. BUT, I only hit Walmart when I go to Sam's because it's pretty far from my house.

  2. I totally forgot...if you do use SavingsAngel (which I absolutely LOVE), will you use my referral code? 36995. I believe you get your second month free and I get $10 toward my next month's membership.