Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Bud!

Today is my little brother's 24th Birthday!!! In honor of this awesome day, I thought I would share some pictures and facts about the little bro
My wedding

Sean visiting me sophomore year of college

Eagle River over New Years Eve 2009

Sean's 21st Birthday

Old School!!

Ok, now for 24 fun facts about Sean
1. Born Sean Thomas 1/12/87 (for those that aren't good with math)
2. He hates getting his picture taken (he will most likely be mad I put these pics up, hehe)
3. He is legally blind in his right eye
4. He stole my 2 wheeler and learned to ride a "big kid" bike before me!
5. He loved watching Scooby Doo (probably would still watch it)
6. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay with a degree in Communications
7. He loves cars
8. He re-arranges furniture constantly when he can't sleep at night
9. His favorite ice cream is Birthday Cake from the Salty Dog Cafe
10. He owns more sunglasses than I have shoes
11. He is a good cook (I recently got some yummy soup)
12. He is NOT a morning person
13. The sales people at Nordstrom's know him a little too well!
14. He hates surprises
15. He is a dog lover and I am surprised he hasn't stolen one from one of his friends already
16. He doesn't like to talk on the phone, rather he prefers all conversations via text
17. He works out a lot and is training for a half marathon
18. He might like some of my friends more than me (aka Katie and Melanie)
19. He is brutely honest
20. He used to chase me around the house with the garden hose (yes that's right water IN the house)
21. His nickname is Seany Begoney
22. He is a member of PETA
23. He loves almost all types of music
24. He is a GREAT brother, son, brother-in-law and friend

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  1. I definitely remember that 2nd picture up there! Those were the days...I'm sure Sean remembers that visit too :) I wish I knew little Sean...or at least there were home movies depicting all of the stories I've heard and the facts above!

    I love you Sean and I hope you have a GREAT birthday!!!