Sunday, January 23, 2011

Us vs Them

My entire family is from Wisconsin, yes I was born there too (well there are some on the Michigan/Wisconsin border-- but that is a technicality and Sean was born in IL) and therefore they are all Packers fans. Some how, my dad became a Bears fan despite all of the green and yellow surrounding him. I am guessing he did it just to poke at my Grandma who could be one of the biggest Packer fans I know. As a result, I am a Bears fan. For as long as I can remember it has been my dad and I against the rest of the family in this football rivalry. Even my mom roots for the Packers!! Since we have family living in Green Bay and Sean even went to school there, I have been to Lambeau Field many times. They do have some awesome cheese curds but that is where I draw the line!

Today is going to be a big day either my dad and I will do a victory dance or get many phone calls rubbing it in our face.

To get in the Bears spirit I thought I would share a pic Sean and I took at Lambeau Field showing our support for Chicago!

GO BEARS-- especially my fav's Greg Olsen and Robbie Gould!!!!!!!

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