Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Louis and I have two Christmas trees in our house. In typical Martha fashion, I like that the trees have cohesiveness and are in the same color theme. Our trees have red and gold ornaments. However, we make room for some ornaments that have special meaning to us. I will apologize in advance for the horrible photography but I didn't want them to look washed out.

First up is Bianca. I got this ornament from my Grandma Unti when I was little as a Christmas present. All of the girl cousins got a Bianca and the boys got Bernard. Every year growing up it was my favorite ornament and I always wanted to find the best place to put it on the tree. Bianca is an ornament that will always be on my tree.

The next ornament is one that we received as a wedding present. It is from Louis' cousin Dee. It is Louis and I with our wedding colors and date. I originally wanted an ornament that said "our first christmas" but realized that this one was way better because it is personal and unique.
Louis and I have started a recent tradition of buying a Christmas ornament every place we vacation to have a fun reminder of the trips we have taken together. We got this ornament in San Francisco at Muir Woods.
This was the first ornament in the travel collection, it was from our cruise in 2008. And bonus-- it matches my theme!!!
Louis and I did get an ornament on our honeymoon. It is actually a really cute clear glass ball with sand inside but my crazy husband won't allow it on the tree because there is sand inside..... (this is his hint that his wife wants it on the tree). I don't have a picture because its not on our tree, :(

Do you have any fun holiday ornaments or traditions? Share any fun tips or suggestions.

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  1. Ok, we can put the honeymoon ornament on the tree, I will just have to make sure no sand spills out of it as it is all over the box we stored it in (it falls otu of the top hole) :)