Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sorry for the Neglect

I know I have kinda been a slacker lately so I am hoping I can catch everyone up with this post.

1. Congrats to my brother in law, James. He found out on Friday that the bank accepted his offer on a townhome in Arlington Heights (near Buffalo Grove H.S.). Everyone cross your fingers for a great inspection. If all goes well he will be a homeowner in January. You can count on many a blog postings about projects around his place. He got a foreclosure that needs a little bit of TLC. I am pumped to help decorate!!!

2. Friday was Louis and I's date day. We had the day off of work just because and it was so great. We went to lunch at the Lucky Monk then went bowling. Typically I stink at bowling but this time around I got a 126 (which for me is a great score). Louis said its because I am now a Malic and they have a knack for bowling :) Then Louis and I played some pool, I humor him by trying to play and every once and awhile have a great shot.

3. Yesterday Louis, James and I saw Harry Potter. I will admit that at the beginning of the Harry Potter craze I was not a fan and made fun of Louis and James for liking it. Then I started watching one of the many ABC Family marathons of Harry Potter weekends and got into it. Then I read the last two books and was hooked. I have to admit that I sorta have a crush on Ron, he is so funny and cute! This last movie was action packed and full of excitement. I highly recommend.

4. Today Louis and I went over to Cheryl and Justin's house for lunch and to watch part of the Bears game. I know this is probably a little bias but I am quite sure that Aubrey is the cutest baby on the planet. She loves exploring and can entertain herself and us for a long time. It makes me want one just like her (well, except the not sleeping through the night part!!!)

Ok, phew, that was a super quick recap of my last couple of days. I plan on getting back on track this week and entertaining you (or not) with my blogging.

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