Monday, May 2, 2011

Cube Makeover

At my office we have the most boring and standard office cubes on the planet. They are this khaki crap color and frankly make work more depressing staring at the walls. When my team moved desks about a year ago, I decided to take matters into my own hands and add some cube wallpaper. I hung black and white flower wrapping paper to give my cube some flare. Well in doing that I got a lot of questions, compliments etc so I left it up all year. Over the weekend, we once again moved desks so I took the opportunity to change up the black and white flowers for something a little more cheerful. Enter the striped tissue paper! I found that it was actually cut much better to size and easier to put up so that was an added bonus. Now I have something fun to look at (well besides the great pictures of Louis and I) and it is cheerful. With the move I also took the opportunity to de-clutter my desk so now I have an empty corner that is screaming to be filled with something. I am thinking maybe a plant-- cause well I have had such good luck with the one at my house, maybe I should branch out here as well. Not to mention, I am pretty sure this office could use some fresh oxygen!

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