Monday, May 9, 2011

The Vacation Countdown has begun

In exactly 31 days Louis and I with my parents and Sean leave for Hilton Head Island South Carolina. Anyone who knows me or my family knows that this has been a family favorite spot for the last few years, heck I can't even remember if this is my 4th or 5th time going back! This place is also known as my Dad's version of heaven on earth. I am pretty pumped for a vacation, I definitely could use a break from work and our normal weekly routine. Not to mention the beach and sun do wonders for my mood. As always, we will be driving down, spreading it out over a two day drive. The drive isn't that bad and I find ways to pass the time by sleeping or reading. Every once and awhile my mom feels the need to wake us up to tell us we are going through the mountains and look out the window. Typically Sean and I ignore her but last time was Louis' first time with us and he was very nice and looked out the window :) This year will be interesting as I will be 22 weeks pregnant and probably require a few more stops and a little more space in the car. It will also be a total bummer to not be drinking on vacation but hey-- at least I get a vacation. Some of the things we plan to do on our vacation are:

1. Lots of beach and pool time
2. Family photo (this will be interesting since we did a family vote yesterday and voted Sean out of the picture- haha)
3. Lots of seafood dinners
4. Renting a boat to cruise around the ocean looking for my mom's dolphin
5. Tennis/Crabbing/Biking
6. Eating a LOT of Salty Dog Birthday Cake ice-cream
7. Louis and I celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary

(I stole the pic from Google images) it is the view of Harbor Town at sunset

The best part is 11 days after we get back from this vacation we are going on vacation to the Wisconsin Dells over my birthday weekend with Katie, Eric, James and Sean. WOOHOO

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