Monday, May 16, 2011


I don't know if its because my parents have been trying to decide on new living room furniture or part of my has the same traits as my grandma unti and sean and feels compelled to mix it up but lately I have been starting at my living room thinking "this looks boring and blah". I want something fun and a change of scenary for the summertime. Right now our living has tan walls and cream couches. The pillows (which are super comfy and I heart) are a solid sage green. This pairs well with the connecting kitchen that has sage green walls. I don't know if summer makes me think of water or what the deal is but I was thinking of changing it up and introducing blue into my living room, but then I got to thinking that I might not have a lot of accesories to match. Then I thought what if I combine green and blue...cause well who doesn't love that idea? So I hit up my favorite website (Crate and Barrel) to search for fun pillows as inspiration. Granted, I most likely won't do anything because all of our money should really be spent on the bambino but still...if I can afford it or could mix it up here are some that peak my interest. :)

The pattern on this one is kinda funky (not sure if the hubby would enjoy)

Matches well with the placemats I bought a few months ago

This shouts- summertime and warm weather to me

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